Lists, Loves, and Things to Remember about the Books I have Read

Monday, December 14, 2009


Thank you for all of your wonderful comments on my new blog!!! I am having fun with it! I had some questions I wanted to answer:

1. Staci....you are not a loser because you have near heard of or read Plainsong!!! Just put it on your Christmas list for Santa to bring you!!!

2. Patti asked who the illustrator was for my favorite reading illustration below. Her name is Jessie Wilcox Smith, an American woman who did a lot of illustrations for children's books and magazines. As I was looking at more of her illustrations I added some to the sidebar because they are too good to be true!!! I love her!

3. When you put in the name of this blog in computer language is is called Let's Trade because that was the original name when it was going to be a cross stitch pattern trading site. I don't know how to change the name. And another thing I want to do is have a list on the sidebar of all of the labels for my posts. I label them and I think it should be automatic that they will be on the sidebar; but there is nothing there. Does anyone know how to get this done?

4. Patti, you should definitely start watching The Gilmore Girls. Start with Season One. Get it from the library. I think you will love it!

5. Nan, I am glad we have a place to hang out together now!!!!!

6. I would love to know some of your favorite books or know about your best books lists so please direct me to such if possible.

7. I am going to try to put links in for each book title....it might take a while though.

8. Thanks for all of your support! I am on a high!


Patti said...

I LOVE all the pictures on your sidebar- they make me smile! See you tonight! Have a great day in the meantime!

Linda said...

Hi Laura! I love the theme of your new blog...and your favorite reading illustration has always been my favorite too. If you want all your labels to show up on your side bar just go to "customize" then "add a gadget". Scroll down through the list until you see "labels" and add it to your layout. Then they all show up for you.