Lists, Loves, and Things to Remember about the Books I have Read

Saturday, January 1, 2011

These are my picks for the best books I read this year. Please click on the book cover to be taken to a description of each book.

Who would have thought a non-fiction book about North Korea would be #1? I did not really know much about North Korea and when I read this book I was shocked. What hardships the people of that country have endured. This books reads as fast as a novel. The author focuses on a few specific people and their lives. I think it is a must read.

I also think the book Where Men Win Glory is a definite must read for every American. Pat Tilman was a hero.

A book that I made fun of my friend for reading, True Colors by Kristin Hannah, ended up on the list! It was really a fun and interesting read.

Sherman Alexie is a really great author and I loved his book of short stories; which is saying something because I am not a big fan of short stories.

Sadly, I look back at my reading year in 2010 with some sadness. I really did not read that many books that knocked my socks off. However, yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble armed with gift cards and bought about 7 new books! They all look really good and I want to dive into them all right this minute!!!!

I would love to know what the best books you read last year were!!!!


Kellie said...

Hi Laura,
I loved the whole Hunger Games trilogy. I first heard about Hunger Games through your blog. :) Several of my friends and my husband have read the series upon my recommendation and loved it too. Thanks for introducing me to a great book that I might not have taken time to read otherwise. I am reading one right now that will be in my top 10 called Room by Emma Donoghue. Very good story and one that will stay with me for a long time.

Happy New Year! Here's to reading more great books in 2011! :)

Relyn said...

So what books did you buy? Lucky you to buy 7 books at once. I just posted my top ten, thanks to you. Can you believe I've only read three of your books this year? I wonder which of mine you've read. Happy reading, my friend.

Jeanie said...

Well, here we go! I thought you had a reading blog, but couldn't find it! Glad I did -- what a great list. I'll have to mention some of these to my book club!