Lists, Loves, and Things to Remember about the Books I have Read

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mike and I stopped at the library tonight. As you can see by my haul I was completely unrealistic and undisciplined. I could not help it! So many good books. I want to run away for a week to a cabin by a lake and read them all!

The wonderful cross-stitch snowflake was done by my friend Patti and given to me at Christmas time. It is gorgeous!


Hannah Stoneham said...

Oh my! That is a lot of reading for a library haul. i am looking forward to reading Superfreakonomics myself. Happy reading


Patti said...

Hi Laura! Oh good, the dog hair isn't showing on the snowflake (hehehe)! Anyway- hope you are enjoying your day and get lots and lots of time to read and relax! And if you run away to the cabin...take me!!! Please!!!

Relyn said...

I have a whole shelf dedicated to library books. Silly. Who can read that much?