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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I think I am kind of a book snob. I thought Kristin Hannah's books were just large potboilers......but really they are great BIG STORIES. Sometimes I don't want to be wowed by really "prissy" prose. Sometimes I just want to be told a story. About people who I come to care about. Set in a place that is interesting. This is my second Kristin Hannah book and I am really enjoying it (it passes the minute I get home from work I have to read this book test). It is set in the part of the Pacific Northwest where my Dad lives so I get a big kick out of being able to imagine the scenery in my head. Are you snobby about anything in the world of books??? Please don't tell me I am the only one!


Patti said...

That does look really good Laura- and no I have not read it. I don't think I am snobby about books too much- well- maybe a little. Love the new background and it was fun seeing you yesterday! Anything left on the gift certificate?

Kellie said...

I am reading my first Kristin Hannah book. It is called On Mystic Lake and I am really enjoying it. I love books that tell good stories.

I draw the line at Harlequins. LOL! Anything else is pretty much fair game if it catches my attention. :)

Relyn said...

Heck, yeah. I'm a book snob sometimes. Do I have to tell you? OK, Nicholas Sparks. No. No thank you. Nope. Nuh-uh. Can't do it.