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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweater Quest

I am not a knitter; but my Mom is. I heard about this book and it sounded really good. I figured if I did not like it I could pass it on to my Mom. What drew me to the book is that it is about someone's passion. I love to read about people who are completely and totally enamored about something. This is the story of one woman's quest to knit a difficult sweater in the time span of one year. It turns out that the author is a wonderful writer and funny too. She made even the knitting parts that I don't know anything about very interesting. Great book!


Staci said...

I too enjoy books like this. I would love to learn how to knit and a sweater wow..that would be awesome!

Patti said...

Sounds interesting. Did your mom read this? See you Tues.? Hope all is going well for you!

Relyn said...

Oh, I haven't heard of this one. I do love a good memoir. And you know I love stories of people who follow their passions. Oh - you just gave me a great idea for my next Wednesday list. Thank you.

Relyn said...

I am still waiting on this from the library. I'm pretty eager.