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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I borrowed a book.....

A couple of weeks ago I borrowed a book from my cross-stitch buddy, Jayne. I had read other books by Jon Krakauer and wanted to read this book mostly because I know he is a very good writer. I superficially knew the story of Pat Tilman. Pat was a successful NFL player and some time after September 11, 2001 he enlisted in the Army as he wanted to serve his country. Giving up a lucrative football career and leaving home, along with his brother, Kevin, (both pictured below) seemed way above the call of duty. It seems that Pat Tilman was a man of substance. A thoughtful man. A family man. In other words he was the real deal and a true American Hero.

The story of how Pat died is one which breaks my heart in a million pieces. After reading this book and Zeitouin by Dave Eggers my faith in the people in charge of our country has really been shaken to the core. I can only hope that things behind the scenes in the Obama administration are better. If we send our citizens into war then they must be treated as the true heroes they are and every step must be taken to ensure that they are as safe as can be.

Please read this book. IT is a very important book that all Americans should read.

Thank you for the loan Jayne. I will be returning your book to you on Tuesday so that you can read it right away.



Patti said...

Sounds like I need to get reading it right away!!! How is the Elizabeth Berg book? I am sure you are done by now- what did you think? Have a wonderful day Laura!

Relyn said...

I've been thinking about you. Just wanted to say hey.