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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Good Idea

A Reading Woman

Every year I get a special engagement calendar so that I can write all of the books I read in it. Then at the end of the year I can look back and remember the books that really "did it" for me.
This is what I use to make my Top Ten List every year.
This year I got a calendar called "A Reading Woman."

Maybe you could get a calendar and keep track too?
Then next year we could have a blog hop of best books!


Jon Lee said...

That's a great idea. I will do that.
Jon Lee

Staci said...

I keep track of my reads on Goodreads and another blog that I created for challenges and stuff like that. If I put it in a calendar I would end up misplacing it!! :)

Nan said...

This is the engagement calendar I had last year! I'm sure the pics and quotes are different, but they are lovely. I used to write down my books in journal-type books but now I use my blog exclusively. I keep them all on the sidebar under book lists and book reports.

Relyn said...

You know what's cool? I got my best of idea from you and have done it for two years. Thanks again, by the way. Now, I've seen that several of my readers are doing the same thing. See how your idea keeps growing. I love that.

Linda said...

I created a kind of yearly diary with pictures of women reading on all the pages and also big ones marking the months. If you would like a soft copy to print, just let me know. My email is at my blog and I will send it to you. I guess I should advertise it on my blog as I am perfectly happy to just email it to anyone for printout. Free, of course. But it is a nice diary book.
Am enjoying your blog. All the best, Linda

Anonymous said...

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