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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't know what to think

This book has been a sensation of late. Many, many people have raved about it and loved it. It is technically considered a Young Adult book, however I have found that many YA novels are very interesting even for a 48 year old.

So, I have had this in my TBR pile for months. I plunged in on Sunday. Finished it about an hour ago. It certainly held my interest. I love the main character. I can't stop thinking about it. I am just trying to process the whole setting of this book. I don't think this novel is for the faint of heart. I can barely give you a synopsis of the book. It is very upsetting. Let's just say that it is set in a very bleak future and no one is safe or cared for.

I am surprised that so many people love the book in spite of the subject matter. I feel the need to read lots of reviews of the book to understand more.

Now let me tell you that 10 minutes after reading the book I found myself in the library desperately searching for Book Two in the series and was very happy when I found it. I am about to go start it right now and am very excited to do so.

Have you read The Hunger Games? Can you tell me why you like it or not? It has been a long time since a book has made me really think like this.


Kellie said...

Hi Laura,
I haven't read this one...yet. It is definitely on my TBR list. I have heard this book compared to another YA book "The Giver" which is also a very bleak, futuristic book. I loved it (and used it in my 8th grade language arts classes for many years when I was still in the classroom), so I am anticipating that I will enjoy "The Hunger Games." I love YA fiction, but don't read it as much for some odd reason.

Staci said...

Haven't read it yet but my son absolutely loved it and I can't keep it on my middle school shelves!!!

Patti said...

I can not WAIT to read it! Our librarian started the student book club with this and the kids LOVED it! I had a student report on it just today and 2 more are reading it. I LOVE books that make you think and question life and it's complexities...Hope it is still in our library.

Relyn said...

You know I've read it and completely loved it. I found it marvelously well-written and engaging. Along those same engaging, compelling, fantasy type veins, I loved Graceling even more.