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Monday, January 18, 2010


Here is a book that you will be lucky to read.....it is so good! Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson.

It is another example of non-fiction that is as gripping as any novel you have ever read. Briefly, this is the story of two divers who discovered a WWII German submarine closer to America than you would ever believe. Definitely a must read. Go get it!!!!

I am thinking of great non-fiction because I finished Nothing to Envy:Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick.

It was an amazing book. I could not stop reading it. I fell in love with the people who the author wrote about. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe that a country would treat its citizens like that. And it is still going on. My eyes have been opened to another part of the world that is tragic. Most of these people cannot even get up and go to the kitchen and get a piece of bread. They are out scavenging for weeds to eat. In this time of tragedy in Haiti where life is very similar in quality to North Korea I feel helpless. I am hoping to find some way that I can make just a small difference because the problems in these countries are seemingly endless.


Staci said...

The situations in both of those countries is very depressing. I can only hope that aid is swift in Haiti! The first book you mentioned does sound pretty interesting. My husband would enjoy it I'm sure.

Patti said...

I will pass that on to our Media person- she is always looking for WW2 books. Thanks for sharing!

Nan said...

Tom just read the Divers book and liked it! As for North Korea, what you wrote is just about what I would expect from what I've read over the years. And especially hard for the people is knowing that the other part of their country is doing so well (if they are allowed to hear any news), and that there are relatives in SK that they haven't seen in ages. There is sadness and sorrow all over this world, including just down the street from us.

Yolanda said...

You should add Saving Ceecee Honeycutt to your list it is just as special in its own way as The Help.